Google doc as rest api using Apps Script : xml

Summarized steps

  • create google doc
  • add content as xml
  • add an app script from tools
  • copy and paste my code
  • deploy

Create google doc

  • header with value : Welcome
  • footer with value: made by JRichard

Add an app script


  • Save the script
  • Scrip needs authorizations. To prompt them, click on “run” option and select testDoGetFindAll function. Accept the requested permissions.
  • Go to view >> logs and review the success response
  • If there is another response with error. Review the previous steps. If response is success, continue the steps!
  • Click “Publish” in the Google Apps Script Menu
  • Select “Deploy as web app”
  • In Project version, select new
  • In Who has access to the app select Anyone, even anonymous.
  • Click on deploy or update
  • An url will prompt you something like:
  • Save it, this is the url of you new rest api!!

FindAll Test

  • token = miaouhhh
  • operation = findAll

FindById Test

  • token = miaouhhh
  • operation = findById
  • id = header



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